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Spiritual Healing & Activation Weekend

Yes, it has been a challenging couple of years in Alberta and we are resilient! It has felt like a long winter and perhaps we are indeed in spring now. We celebrate you for getting through it however you got through! You did it. And yes, life continues to bring us challenges to evolve us and ascend us. We have heard a desire for a break from the zoom room, for in-person connection. This is an intimate spiritual connection at an intimate studio in support of your own soul’s alignment.

This could be the spiritual stay-cation your soul has been yearning for!

July 22, 23, and 24th Kyra Kubrak (Highlands Yoga Room), Natasha Mott (Raising the Vibes), Kelly Ann Vass (Kelly Ann Vass Akashic Coaching Inc.), and Natasha and Kelly Ann (The Octopus Method) are collaborating together to offer a Spiritual Activation and Healing in-person weekend. All sessions take place at Highlands Yoga Room 6513-112 Ave. NW Edmonton AB T5W 0P1.

Your Investment: 
$345+GST for Weekend Pass **Includes Akashic Yoga and Spiritual Q&A on Saturday
$66+GST for each Single Session Pass
NOTE: Akashic Yoga and Spiritual Q&A on Saturday available only to those with Weekend Pass.

Please note, no refunds available after July 1, 2022.

Location: Highlands Yoga Room 6513-112 Ave. NW Edmonton AB T5W 0P1 
*This area hosts us with beautiful shops, bookstores, ice cream & candy shops, and restaurants.

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Friday, July 22
7pm - 9pm

Learn to Read Tea Leaves (Tasseography) with Natasha 

This spiritual divination activates your intuition and develops your psychic abilities to discern patterns and see potential futures using tea leaves. This is one of the most famous scrying methods in the West. Natasha teaches us step by step so that we can read for ourselves and those near and dear to us.
*** Herbal tea and tea cups will be provided for this intuition expanding adventure.

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Saturday, July 23
10am - 12:30pm

Akashic Ancestral Healing
with Natasha and Kelly Ann

This is a beautiful introduction to the powerful healing of the akashic records. You and your ancestors and soul family members are invited for an akashic journey to heal, transform, and release any passed down energies, traumas, and blocks that are ready to be healed. This healing can support 7 generations in all directions. The bonus gift that you receive is a personalized message from your ancestors. This service on zoom has been selling out for more than a year.
*** Bring your favourite journal and pen if you would like to capture the experience. You are also welcome to bring a blanket for your comfort during meditations.

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Saturday, July 23
2pm - 3:30pm

Akashic Yoga with Kyra

Kyra guides us through a personalized yoga session in the energy of the akashic records of the Spiritual Activation and Healing whole weekend participants. An akashic meditation will be included that supports clair-abilities and chakra activation and healing.
*** Bring your own yoga mat and blanket. You are also welcome to bring other props that you usually use.

(Bonus for Whole Weekend Participants Only)

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Saturday, July 23
7pm - 9pm

You Can Ask! Spiritual Q & A
with Kelly Ann, Natasha, and Kyra

Gathering to ask anything and receive channeled answers from the akashic, the universe, higher self, guides, angels, dragons... from all timelines, realms, realities, and dimensions. We will create a sacred circle to receive accurate and supportive information. This is interactive and all participants intuitive abilities are welcomed and to be shared. This is a casual soul gathering. You are your best channel and the invitation is for all of us to support this for each other. Personal intuition is sacred here. This is an opportunity to get to know each other on a personal level.
***Bring your journal and pen to capture messages that you might channel or to automatic journal or draw your channeling.

(Bonus for Whole Weekend Participants Only)

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Sunday, July 24
10am - 12:30pm

Introduction to The Octopus Method
with Natasha and Kelly Ann

Natasha and Kelly Ann introduce you to The Octopus Method. This akashic coaching and consulting methodology is a live, in person 12 week program that energetically feng shuis your business and/or your life, creating a foundation for balance, growth, and sustainability. It supports reconnecting to yourself and living the rest of your life as the best of your life in joy and health. We will interview past octopus participant Kyra Kubrak; we will guide participants through: You Can Handle the Truth! process (with OM Intention) and The Joy Decision Making process (with creation of My Joy List).
***All worksheets provided. Please bring your pen and journal.

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Sunday, July 24
2pm - 4pm

Learn Psychometry & Oracle Card Reading from Natasha Mott and Kelly Ann Vass

Psychometry is the ability to receive facts from inanimate objects. This is ideal for those who enjoy treasure hunting. It teaches the ability to receive information on whether an item is safe to touch and you can receive information about the item. (30 minutes)

This is a light introduction to Oracle and Angel Cards. This is a fun 90 minutes to develop your intuition further and learn to use a tool that supports the true oracle, you! You will be completing readings for you and others and receiving readings from you and others.

***You may want to bring a couple small items from your collection for psychometry reading. Oracle & Angel Cards manual will be provided with deeper information. Decks provided to play with. If you have a favourite deck, you are welcome to bring it.

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Meet your Presenters

Kelly Ann Vass

In 2011 Kelly Ann hired a life coach because she was headed to yet another burn out and she did not know how to dig herself out of her chaotic life. Coaching helped her to look at where she was, where she wanted to be and to take the action steps to get there. In 2015 she certified to become a life coach. She has coached almost 5000 hours and her goal is to help people to connect to their own souls to make life easier. The love and grace of the akashic records supports this. Through continual reinvention, creating, communicating, and upholding Boundaries, and understanding that we are born Worthy, Kelly Ann supports herself and clients to create the rest of their lives as the best of their lives.

Heal Your Life® Life Coach and workshop teacher, Certified Levin Life Coach, Certified QSCA Life Coach, Akashic Records Life Coach, Usui Reiki Master, Violet Flame Reiki Master

Visit Kelly Ann's Website

Natsha Mott

Natasha Mott is the founder of Raising the Vibes Academy of Consciousness, an online spiritual learning center that allows people to develop their existing spiritual abilities—their spidey senses—and turn them into profitable, passion-driven careers.

Natasha is a 5th generation healer and spiritual teacher who has been channeling since childhood. When she moved to Canada, she began seeking additional training in Reiki, meditation, craniosacral therapy and the Akashic Records. She discovered what was really happening "behind the scenes" in her life. As she understood the WHY behind her physical, emotional and spiritual pain and struggle, she was able to breakthrough and stop hiding her soul’s gifts. From there, she fully embraced her spiritual calling so that she could truly help others.

Natasha supports soul-based entrepreneurs and healers to understand where they are and where they want to go through the power of the Akashic Records. She has a Marketing Degree from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) UK. Natasha is certified in Akashic Records, Craniosacral Therapy, Somato Emotional Release Therapy and is a Reiki Master.

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Kyra Kubrak

My approach to yoga is to be sensitive of the body, heart, and mind. By simply coming to our mats and breathing consciously, perhaps working with postures and perhaps not, we can begin to create a space where we feel safe and calm. When we can be more focused and start to let go of the world beyond our mat (even for just 5 minutes), we can begin to inhabit ourselves – not just passively noticing our breath and body but really feeling our breath and body. Then slowly we learn to how to take the feelings we create on the mat, off the mat and out into the world.

500-hour E-YT, Usui Reiki Master, Violet Flame Reiki Master, Chakra Therapist

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The Octopus Method

In 2018, Kelly Ann showed up for an akashic mentorship with Natasha Mott. During the first session, they realized 2 akashic practitioners had been called together by the universe to create a method that energetically feng shuis participants' business and life. This methodology continues to support many and will be published as a book within the next 2 years.

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