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Life Coaching with Kelly Ann Vass

Discovery Call

If you are unsure how I can best support you, I invite you to hop on a call with me by
booking this 20-minute complimentary offering.

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Gift Certificates

Purchase a gift certificate for a 60 minute akashic records coaching/healing/reading session for someone you care about.

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Akashic Life Coaching

This is a modality that was divinely guided within the akashic records by Lord of the Akashic Records. He channeled "look at this, we are coaching now." He also guided us to create coaching processes in the records. These sessions may include Reiki, Healing & Coaching. Lord of the Akashic Records has been know to pull clients into their own records consciously in session so for your optimum accuracy, please refrain from drinking alcohol or consuming recreational drugs within 24 hours prior to your session.

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Manifesting, Self-love, Forgiveness, and Grace Coaching

(based on Law of Attraction and spirituality)

I am a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach with Quantum Success Coaching Academy (QSCA). This career began with my foundation as a Heal Your Life®️ Workshop Teacher and Life Coach supporting with the philosophies of Louise Hay. 
This coaching is to support people in manifesting joy, wealth, love, and grace. This coaching supports loving the shadows into the light. You are worthy of your own love and grace and loving every part of you, even the parts that you have hidden from others.

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Levin Life Coaching

I am a certified Levin Life Coach specializing in:


We are born worthy and nothing changes except for our perspective. When we increase our knowing of our self-worth, our net-worth and time-worth increases. Part of the worthiness journey is becoming okay with desiring and receiving beyond our limits that we impose on ourselves. We explore worthy concepts and questions designed to support you to shift your perspective to be willing to honestly look at where you are, improve how you see your own worth, and take action in your life to create ease, independence, and freedom.

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Reinvention coaching is focused on revealing what the client desires to let go of and what they are stepping into in a new discerning way while honouring and locating self throughout. This coaching program is focused on fulfillment as a foundation for creating what is next. Life is constantly changing. Is it time for you to receive coaching support as you update to now?

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Boundary coaching helps people create healthy boundaries as the foundation for a meaningful, fulfilling and satisfying life. More freedom is created when you set and uphold boundaries. Learn how to set healthy boundaries that are respectful to others while putting yourself first.⁠

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Lunch & Learn Sessions

Kelly Ann offers life coaching lunch & learn experiences to support wellness initiatives at work. Some examples are:

  • Belief Board (Visualizing & Creating & Actioning)
  • Intro to Boundary Coaching
  • Intro to Worthy Coaching
  • Intro to Reinvention Coaching

Connect with Kelly Ann to discuss what would support your employees.

My Story...

Once upon a time I was a little girl who wanted to be a catholic priest. I told everyone who would listen.  

Everyday I wished that I could be a student and teacher of love and grace. 

But one day the bullying and expectation that I felt from myself and my family and everyone else got to be too much. I cried myself to sleep every night. I wished that I was a boy. I finally decided that I would be a mom when I grew up. I started doing everything I could to be perfect and to please. I decided to learn "the one right way" that the people in my life seemed to know. I wanted people to be happy with me no matter what and I wanted the people in my life to be happy.  

Because of that I moved into achieving and sleeping even less. I tried to be perfect and please others. I tried to matter to others. I sought approvals and I abandoned what was left of me.  

Because of that I burned out 3 times before I was 18 including a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome. My life was a hamster wheel of overwhelm, anxiety, and burn out. I suffered through 7-1/2 years of unexplained infertility.  

Because of that I worked for the family business for 11 years and later, participated in a grueling 7 year succession plan. I burned out and started nursing school. I burned out again and again. Overwhelm and anxiety and busy was what I knew.  

Until finally, Louise Hay's book found me and I started to learn to love myself and my life. This led to one of my biggest dreams coming true. I became a mother. To recover from perfectionism and people-pleasing I hired a life coach. I learned about boundaries. I received healing and mentorship. I was divinely guided to training and development. I started creating kind and loving boundaries for my life for the first time EVER!  

And ever since I have been creating a more balanced life by learning how to be of meaningful service to myself and others through awareness and compassion. The unconditional love of life coaching found me. The grace and healing of the akashic records found me. Another big dream was created by belonging to me; I am now a student and teacher of love and grace and I belong to Kelly Ann. Coaching allows me to move through life my way and support others in revealing their “right” way to move forward. 

Love & Grace,