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Kelly Ann's Story


Kelly Ann Vass was born to two entrepreneurs in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Life coaching allowed her to see that a more balanced and less chaotic existence was available to her. In 2014, Kelly Ann trained as a Heal Your Life® workshop teacher in San Diego. That same year, she founded her business and has been facilitating workshops, coaching products and services ever since. In 2015, she returned to California to become a licensed and insured Heal Your Life® Life Coach. In 2016, she completed the Quantum Success Coaching Academy Life Coaching Certification. Kelly Ann was certified personally by Nancy Levin as a Levin Life Coach in 2020.

In her desire to be “fully human and fully divine” at the same time and support others in their evolution/ascension, she was guided to the akashic records and became an Akashic Records Life Coach. It is Kelly Ann’s hope that she can assist her clients to know their wholeness, connect to oneness (love), and receive their own grace with more ease than she did. As part of this guidance to wholeness and oneness, Kelly Ann was guided by Lord of the Akashic Records to collaborate with Natasha Rocha, and together they co-created The Octopus Method. She absolutely loves working with Natasha Rocha and participants in The Octopus Method.



In 2011, after healing herself from years of unexplained infertility using Louise Hay’s philosophies and books, Kelly Ann hired her first life coach. She had traded perfectionism and people-pleasing in business for perfectionism and people-pleasing in motherhood, and she was headed towards another burn-out. Kelly Ann burned out 9 times in her life and 3 of those times were before she became an adult.

"I support spiritual health and where it connects with physical, mental, emotional, and energetic health. There comes a time where we accept changing, growing, and evolving to receive our freedom.

You are invited to be supported in calming your mind, connecting to your heart, and allowing your soul to lead. All the answers for your own life are within you. I can help you access them."

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