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We are all born worthy and nothing changes except our perspective!


Worthy Coaching

We are born worthy and nothing changes except for our perspective. When we increase our knowing of our self-worth then our net-worth and time-worth increases. Part of the worthiness journey is becoming okay with desiring and receiving beyond our limits that we impose on ourselves. We explore worthy concepts and questions designed to support you to shift your perspective to be willing to honestly look at where you are, improve how you see your own worth, and take action in your life to create ease, independence, and freedom.

We are reminded that we are born worthy and deserving of joy, health, and, yes, wealth.

I am a certified Levin Life Coach. Nancy Levin writes “…at heart, money issues are really issues of self-worth. In other words, our self-worth determines our net worth.” By following the Worthy coaching steps I became debt free, paid off my mortgage, and realized asset rich by owning both cars and our home. The next time that I went through this coaching program the kids education savings got topped up. The third time I went through Worthy coaching we invested in our retirement. The fourth time I went through Worthy I became time worthy by moving my accounting processes to work hours instead of late at night, I paused on a time and money consuming coaching product, and I bought an exercise bike for myself. These were my results and they are not guaranteed but what I know is when we commit and take action in life there are benefits and results.  You too can be supported with these steps. If you are interested in making this the year you look at where you are and step onto the bridge to where you want to be financially and in regards to self-worth, this is a great place to start!

You are invited to explore if one-to-one or group worthy coaching is a fit for you. Please register for a complimentary, 60-minute, introductory session for worthy coaching.

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10 people

  • Meet live on Zoom for 2 hours each week over a 12 week period
  • Group Coaching: you are guided to be inner-focused while in community
  • Private & Confidential Facebook Group

June 10 - August 26, 2022

Friday mornings 9:30 - 11:30am MST
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Meet Coach Kelly Ann

Hi, I am Kelly Ann Vass. I work for the akashic records in the capacity of life coaching, spiritual healing, training, and development. I experience myself as a student and teacher of love and grace. I also support awakened spiritual entrepreneurs through a co-creation with Natasha Mott and Lord of the Akashic Records called The Octopus Method: Consciously Creating Balance, Growth & Sustainability in Your Business and Life.

I am certified by Levin Life Coaching Academy as a Life Coach specializing in Boundary, Reinvention, and Worthy Coaching. My purpose is to support people in connecting to their own souls for their soul evolution and ascension. I support spiritual health and where it connects with physical, mental, emotional, and energetic health. I also support people in revealing their way to move forward.

I know through experience that when we calm the mind, connect to the heart, and let the soul lead, we can create our desires in the now.

Love and Grace,

Kelly Ann Vass