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One-to-One Akashic Records Life Coaching

Experience how to love yourself completely and unconditionally. Private 1:1 sessions may include reiki, akashic coaching and healing, and life coaching.

Akashic records life coaching can help you get information for so many of those burning unanswered questions you have about your life.

Receive healing, identify contracts, deals, and agreements that you have made. Transmute and heal any energy or tethers that are ready to be released. Receive information about your past lives. Receive coaching based on what is revealing requiring healing.

You are invited to explore if one-to-one akashic records life coaching is a good fit for you. Please schedule a 60 minute session for akashic records life coaching.

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Akashic Records Training

** Please refrain from alcohol or recreational, mind-altering drugs 24 hours prior to or during training **

Facilitated by Kelly Ann Vass (trained by Kim Wuirch and Natasha Mott)
This is a 2-day event, typically Saturdays & Sundays via Zoom (unless otherwise stated) from 9:00am to 4:00pm MDT (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada timezone).
For each training course, a manual will be provided and a certificate upon completion. In addition, you will receive a 50% off session coupon with Kelly Ann to practice and support building confidence in how you work with the records. 

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Learn how to open and read your own akashic records. Meet Lord of the Akashic Records and Angel Riddel. Learn how to receive healing, how to identify contracts, deals, and agreements that you have made. Learn how to get information to all those burning unanswered questions you've had about your life. Get information about your past lives. Learn how to automatic write and so much more.
While this is the level 1 class for akashic records, it would not be considered a beginner’s spiritual modality. Some background in spirituality, as well as some practice with any Claire abilities or channeling is recommended although not required.
Next Offering:
September 17 & 18, 2022
via Zoom
9:00 am - 4:00 pm MDT 

~ This session has a lovely added bonus of receiving an akashic ancestral healing on the Saturday during class time from Natasha Mott and Kelly Ann. When you register for this event, Kelly Ann will register you for the ancestral healing event on September 17 as well.


In this training, you will learn how to rewrite your own akashic records and you will learn how to read someone else's akashic records (with their permission). With practice, you will be able to offer akashic records readings or command healing sessions within the records.

An intermediate level certificate and manual will be provided.

Akashic Records Beginner training from Kelly Ann Vass, Kimberly Wuirch, or Natasha Mott.

Next Offerings:
September 24 & 25, 2022
via Zoom
9:00 am - 4:00 pm MDT

(co-facilitated by Cathy Whittingstall of Akashic Alchemist)



Learn how to change more of your own akashic records, change someone else's akashic records (with permission from person) providing Lord of the Akashic Records approves. Learn how to use the akashic records to facilitate healing for yourself and others. Learn how to offer sessions professionally or incorporate into your present modalities. Explore your intention for working with the records going forward. Day 2 will build confidence with added practice and will discuss serving people while making an income with an akashic record business.
Akashic Records Intermediate training from Kelly Ann Vass, Kimberly Wuirch, or Natasha Mott.
Next Offering: 
 15 & 16, 2022 via Zoom
9:00 am - 4:00 pm MDT 
(co-facilitated by Sally Maetche of Reinvented Inc.)

Akashic Property Clearing and Protection

In the world of real estate, "home" is the vocabulary used when attracting buyers to a home and the word "house" is used when inviting sellers to release a home. This is all about creating and releasing emotional attachments. It can be an interesting and exciting time to navigate. The feelings of bitter-sweet often enter. When I work as a life coach in the akashic records, I am often guided to remind clients that they take the memories with them. 

Did you know that you can go into the akashic records of houses and properties? After I learned how to energetically clear and protect houses in the akashic records, I started practicing in my neighbourhood (just to be clear: I do not remote view without permission as even in my clearings and protection services I can clear and protect without remote viewing, so I choose not to). When I would go on walks and see a ‘for sale’ sign on a home, I would do a clearing and protection for the highest potential of all involved. Within 5 days most ‘for sale’ signs would change to ‘sold’ signs. I have since had the opportunity to use this service to support several amazing outcomes:

YOUR INVESTMENT is $155 CAD (including GST)
This pricing is per property and is a distant, energetic, psychic, and akashic healing for the property. I complete this remotely and energetically (not on zoom or in person). I do not need to be in the physical space, I only require the address and the number of buildings that are on the property.

Once I have completed the clearing and protection (often I can get it completed prior to the booked date), you will receive a report specific to the akashic records of the property involved. I cannot guarantee the results of an akashic property clearing and protection. What I do know is that the owner’s intentions are powerful and if we can remove attachments and fears and any energetic blocks in the way, the intentions are even more powerful. This service supports other intentions besides buying and selling! I now teach this in akashic advanced trainings. There’s a record for that! 

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Akashic Events

Join me every month

Coaching in the Akashic on News for the Soul radio

On the first Thursday of every month at 2 pm MT, we dive deeper into the akashic records through live healings with our callers. You are invited to listen livecall-in to the show (646-595-4274), or listen to the replays on my Coaching in the Akashic page or at Coaching in the Akashic with Kelly Ann Vass at News for the Soul (under Archives).

Akashic Ancestral Healing 
with Natasha Mott & Kelly Ann Vass

Join Natasha Mott as she takes you and your ancestors through an akashic journey to heal, transform and release any passed down energies, traumas, and blocks.

Investment $66 CAD

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Meet Coach Kelly Ann

Hi, I am Kelly Ann Vass. I work for the akashic records in the capacity of life coaching, spiritual healing, training, and development. I experience myself as a student and teacher of love and grace. I also support awakened spiritual entrepreneurs through a co-creation with Natasha Mott and Lord of the Akashic Records called The Octopus Method: Consciously Creating Balance, Growth & Sustainability in Your Business and Life.

I am certified by Levin Life Coaching Academy as a Life Coach specializing in Boundary, Reinvention, and Worthy Coaching. My purpose is to support people in connecting to their own souls for their soul evolution and ascension. I support spiritual health and where it connects with physical, mental, emotional, and energetic health. I also support people in revealing their way to move forward.

I know through experience that when we calm the mind, connect to the heart, and let the soul lead, we can create our desires in the now.

Love and Grace,

Kelly Ann Vass