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#boundaries #kellyannvass #loveandgrace akashicrecords coaching joyandhealth magic&miracles Dec 02, 2022

October is the preview of 2023 for all of us! It is the best month to set our intentions. It is way better than January! This is a wonderful month to create a new belief board with all that you desire for next year. Numerologically it is the same personal energy for you that 2023 will be. It is a time to do only what you enjoy and what supports the path that you are choosing to be on.  For example, if you are valuing being physically active, do physical activities that you enjoy as often as possible in October. If you would like to break up with alcohol, do not drink in October or stop drinking in October. Spend time with the people that you would want to spend time with in 2023. In Canada, thanksgiving allows us to be in a state of appreciating and gratitude which creates high vibing feelings and more to be grateful for in 2023. I am grateful for all of you beautiful souls incarnating at this time. 

My recent dance with Covid19 allowed me to surrender to the present moment as I recover. In doing so, new perspective is here. This October, I have already written a new, updated to now, akashic records beginner’s manual and I am excited about the next two manuals that I choose to also write in October. I have also been editing with my business partner Natasha Mott: The Octopus Method book and getting it ready for final edits. It is really important to us to publish it in 2023 so October is setting up beautifully for this. We are facilitating a magical group through The Octopus Method and we already have one participant registered for March. She is attracting her mastermind. I am also improving time worthiness and health worthiness. Therefore, in October, I am taking the action steps to know my worth at a new level. The delayed start to October 27th of the book exploration in Love and Grace Membership was most likely divinely delayed so that we can support our emotional health all of 2023. Looking forward to exploring A°tlas of the Heart by Brene Brown with those called to it. (Reach out to me if you would like to join us). I am in celebration of our first year with our wonderful kittens. Every day is more fun with cats! What do you desire for you in October and 2023?

Love & Grace,

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