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What is your body communicating to you?

#kellyannvass #loveandgrace akashicrecords coaching self-love worthy Dec 02, 2022

We are receiving messages from our body every moment of every day. Our own body communicates the truth to us in a way that we will pay attention. Most of us humans have a fear of the moment where our life force leaves our physical bodies, known as death. Therefore, when we feel a sensation or pain, we pay attention or it gets worse until we pay attention. Our physical body is only a small portion of self. We each have a physical body, an energetic body, a spiritual body, a mental body, and an emotional body. The physical body is the most tangible. 

I love using a hand to represent how these bodies all work together as a whole. Imagine that each finger represents an area of health and it does not matter which you assign to which, just that all are present. So imagine that the thumb is physical health, the index finger is spiritual health, the middle finger is mental health, the ring finger is emotional health, and the little finger is energetic health. All of these fingers work together for the hand to be fully functional. If we injure or neglect one of them then they are not as supportive to the whole.   Balance is honouring all of them and continuing to recalibrate and adjust. For example, in September I got COVID 19 and could no longer ignore that I was exhausted. I became aware that I was physically exhausted before I got it (physical health). I was super spiritually connected and was guided to a documentary on female health that my friend, Mary, recommended. She also guided me to the best supports for addressing health. The awareness came that I was focusing so much on spiritual body and health that I was neglecting and bypassing my physical health. A mental habit/mindset of pushing through the ‘to-do list’ was not supportive of physical health either. My emotions were communicating that something needed to change. My energy was depleted. All of my bodies and health were calling me to make a recalibration.   It is my practice since then of checking in from a place of honesty: How is my physical body and what small action can I take to honour it today? How is my spiritual body and what small action can I take to honour it today? How is my energetic body and what small action can I take to honour it today? How is my mental body and what small action can I take to honour it today? How is my emotional body and what small action can I take to honour it today?   As I write this and process through this is what it looks like for me today. Today, I choose to be early for the diagnostic test I have scheduled this afternoon and to book my blood work exam to check on my adrenals in support of the physical body. I connect with my guides and ask for support to stay present including calling in my dragon to clear the drive to St. Albert; I choose to go into my records while I am at the diagnostic lab to support my spiritual body. I clear my chakras, increase and optimize my chi and my auric field prior to going into the lab so that I am fully in my own energy supporting energetic health. I affirm mentally that all is well and that I am healthy; I choose to release worry if it enters my brain and to breathe as there is nothing to worry about in this present moment. This supports my mental body. I am feeling relief that this is the last test for this area of my body and I am in positive expectation for completion to support emotional health. Yes, they overlap and yes, they all support the whole. What I know is that when I get honest about my health, I am able to create an environment that supports and heals the root instead of the symptoms.   Wishing you and yours health in all bodies in the now, always, and in all ways! 

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