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Sold! Akashic Property Clearing and Protection service

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“There’s no place like home!”  

~ Dorothy Gale from L. Frank Baum’s book
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

In the world of real estate, a home is the vocabulary used when attracting buyers to a home and the word house is used when inviting sellers to release a home. This is all about creating and releasing emotional attachments. The Grief Recovery Handbook written by John W. James and Russell Friedman, lists moving as one of the loss experiences that can cause grief. When grief’s button is pressed you can be certain that it comes with stress. Not to mention that every member of the household will process their grief and respond to their stress in unique ways on their own timeline. It can be an interesting and exciting time to navigate. The feelings of bitter-sweet often enter. When I work as a life coach in the akashic records I am often guided to remind clients that they take the memories with them. 

Talking about memories, I remember the day that my friend called me and said "did you know that you can go into the akashic records of houses and properties?" This was prior to me taking my training and I did not. I still remember the excitement in her voice. At the time, I had not put together why that would be useful. 

Fast forward a couple years and I completely know why that would be useful. It only takes the neighbourhood attracting one family of grumpy neighbours who like to scream and swear loudly in front of my kids to know why this is so important. Up until then, it was not Mr. Roger’s neighbourhood, but the energy was kind and neighbourly.   

After I learned how to energetically clear and protect houses in the akashic records, I started practicing in my neighbourhood. Just to be clear, I do not remote view without permission. Even in my clearings and protection services, I can clear and protect without remote viewing, so I choose not to. When I would go on walks and see a ‘for sale’ sign on a home, I would do a clearing and protection for the highest potential of all involved. Within 5 days most ‘for sale’ signs would change to ‘sold’ signs. When my neighbour next door decided it was time to right size into a senior’s home, she was really scared about how long it would take to sell her home. I decided to do a clearing and protection. It felt great to relieve the stress of my kind neighbour as she released the responsibilities of home and property ownership. The added bonus is that a wonderful young couple moved in next door that we absolutely adore. I started combining all my modalities including working with akashic, dragons, violet flame, angels… During Covid I supported the sale of a commercial property in Arizona selling for 2 million dollars and the 5-million-dollar sale of a commercial property in Alberta. I cannot guarantee the results of an akashic property clearing and protection. What I do know is that the owner’s intentions are powerful and if we can remove attachments and fears and any energetic blocks in the way, the intentions are even more powerful. I now teach this in akashic advanced trainings. There’s a record for that! 

Recently, I added akashic property clearing and protection as a remote akashic service that comes with a report on my website. I saw that this could really help people at a stressful time.  I even had a client who would gift this to family and friends who were moving. What a beautiful gift!  

Here is an example of the impact of this service:

“Kelly Ann Vass recently cleared the energy in our family home of 40 years, which we were planning to list for sale within the coming week. We requested her remote healing service to help us let go of our home and so that it would sell with ease. Following the clearing, we experienced a beautiful emotional release of the property and our possessions. Our expectations were exceeded when the house sold well over list price in 2.5 days with 13 showings and 5 offers. In our situation, the value of the clearing investment went beyond the direct benefits of the energy clearing, as it also had a tremendous financial return. Kelly Ann’s report was very comprehensive and insightful, and opened up the opportunity for follow-up questions and greater insights. Our outstanding experience supports our recommendation of Kelly Ann’s home clearing service.”  ~Shirley

Coaching Process to support lovingly releasing your home: 

  • Write a letter to the house/property thanking it for all it gave you. 
  • Write down some of your favourite memories related to the house.  
  • Write the reasons that you are releasing it. Add: “I hereby transmute all attachments and anchors in all timelines, dimensions, realms, and realities and I lovingly release you now.” 
  • Write down your hopes for yourself from this now moment of getting honest with how you feel about releasing the house.  
  • “I lovingly release (submit address) now.” Sign your name to your letter.  
  • Read the letter out loud to someone you trust and then safely burn or shred as a physical act of detaching. Full moon energy is great for the energetic release of this energy.

If you are interested in the Akashic Property Clearing and Protection service for yourself or a loved one, you are invited to book this service. Your investment is $155 CAD (including GST). This pricing is per property and is a distant, energetic, psychic, and akashic healing for the property. I complete this remotely and energetically (not on zoom or in person).  I do not need to be in the physical space. I only require the address and the number of buildings that are on the property. Once I complete the clearing and protection (often I can complete prior to the booked date), you will receive a report specific to the akashic records of the property involved. This service supports other intentions besides buying and selling; for example clearing negative energy or increasing protection.

Love & Grace,

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