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We are all born worthy!

self-love worthy Jun 09, 2022

All souls were created by source at the same time. All souls are equal. I am not better than anyone else and no one else is better than me. We are equals in divinity. We are equals in humanity. Yes, there are people that support spiritual health or energetic health or physical health or mental health or emotional health.  But when we put the support people in a position of guru we can ignore the divinity within ourselves. I know this from experience. It was always easier for me to trust my creator than to trust myself so I searched for gurus and I gave them more power than what even they were asking for. This has been a pattern for me. My whole life I repeated putting others in charge of or in authority of my life. I am really grateful because over time I have attracted healthier and healthier supports who have supported my independence and my setting of boundaries. I now choose me as my own guru and I am learning when to ask for help and who to ask for help from.  When we experience enlightenment, ascension, or awakening it is the divine wisdom within being ignited. The light already within is brightened.  No one is more ascended or more enlightened than anyone else. You will find humanness in every person regardless of how devoted they are to their spiritual health. Even though the journey is within, you are not alone. Yes, there are supports available: divine and human to hold space for us on our journey within. Thank you, angels and guides, for the support and guidance I have already received. Thank you for all that I ever need being revealed when it is revealed.  

I don’t love the word work and our effort towards our highest potential and highest good will continue throughout incarnations. There is not a finish line. It is really a spiral staircase where we can easily take one step at a time upwards. Our self-awareness does not allow us to go backwards down the staircase. Thank you, angels and guides, for allowing me to know my worth and inspiring me to honour myself and my life every day. As I know my worth in every area of my life, every area of my life improves and is easier to navigate.  

It is important to add that this lifetime and timeline is the one that most requires your attention. It does not matter who you were in a previous life except for how it can support or heal your soul for this lifetime. 

Thank you for reclaiming your worth! You are valuable right here and right now! You are on your path and everything you do is the best you can do and, therefore, your right action. Your way is the right way. Trust what feels right for you. You are worthy of your own love and grace as you align deeply with and honour your own soul! 

Love & Grace,

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