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coaching Aug 11, 2017

Welcome to the In The Now Blog.

This is an interactive space to explore and share my learning and writing. At times, it will offer tools or information that assist to live a balanced life in the now.

It may consist of book reviews. I love reading and I love writing! It may offer coaching processes. It will also respond to themes that come up in my life or my work or with my clients. There may be the occasional vlog. It will also respond to questions that come up for In The Now followers.

I recently heard Louise L. Hay state in an interview “Life wants them to know what I know so I am going to share it.” Perhaps, by sharing what I have learned it will save you time and money. At the same time, if it resonates with you, keep it. If it does not resonate, let it go. Know that your way is always the right way for you. I desire this to be a loving and positive interactive space where we can evolve together. I trust that this will be inspired and unfold in a way that is truly supportive. There is grace in the now!

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