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Wonder Woman

I wanted to be Wonder Woman!

coaching Apr 10, 2022

If I couldn’t be a catholic priest because I was a girl than surely I could be Wonder Woman! The empath in me liked the idea of using a lasso of truth to find out what “fine” really meant and what set off anger and rage. Maybe I wanted to be Wonder Woman because in my eyes my parents were super heroes. My Dad won the Brier in 1974 (Canadian Curling Championship) and then my Mom made it to the Canadian mixed curling championship in 1976. They started their own business and it grew and grew and grew. Every dream they made happen and they did not let much get in the way, even children! 

However, if I was captured in Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth, there would be no more denying that I was born into chaos. My 48 years have been high highs and low lows. There was a deep unspoken fear of being ordinary in my family of origin so they made certain life was not ordinary. We bounced from achievements to crisis and back to achievements in a way that made me think this was life. My parents advocated for the right way. I think of the Star Wars show The Mandolorian and the character’s creed “this is the way!” Just recently, I took a grief recovery course. An assignment was mapping out the events of our lives. The awareness created a longing for the middle way, for the ordinary. Somewhere along the way I stopped wanting to be Wonder Woman and thought I was Wonder Woman. Nothing like a pandemic and the chaos of the past catching up to me to let me know that I am not.

It is time to retire the cape. Besides, the movie The Incredibles taught me how dangerous capes are. I am blessed as a coach to get to hear people’s truths. I am also blessed with the experience and learning of grace and love. I used to give myself the gold stars for calming the chaos. The new way for me is to reduce the chaos by editing my life.

Is there any chaos you are ready to release in your life? Saying it out loud to someone you trust is often the first step. Reply by email if you would like and let me know the ways that you are editing your life to be more aligned with you?

Love & Grace,

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