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Our souls going through this human experience are in continual transformation, evolution, and ascension. Nancy Levin’s transformation equation is Change = Vision + Choice + Action. Scientists estimate that 95% of the mind’s activity is subconscious. This means that the majority of your emotions and behaviors are driven by the subconscious, rather than consciously aware, part of your mind. This program supports bringing the subconscious to conscious awareness for conscious reinvention.

Reinvention coaching is focused on revealing what the client desires to let go of and what they are stepping into in a new discerning way while honouring and locating self throughout. This coaching program is focused on fulfillment as a foundation for creating what is next. Life is constantly changing and so are you. Is it time for you to receive coaching support as you update to now?

This is for anyone who wants a bridge from where they are to where they want to be. It supports the big changes or big desires in life: career change, marriage status change, kids going to school full-time or college, etc. This supports preventing patterns of burnout. Anyone who is ready for a deeper level of discernment so that they can create (as Louise Hay would say): "the rest of their life as the best of their life".

This coaching does a deep dive into vision, calibration, beliefs, self-worth, boundaries, choice, self-confidence, and visibility.

You are invited to explore if one-to-one or group reinvention coaching is a good fit for you. Please schedule a complimentary, 60-minute, introductory session.

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If this coaching is already calling to you, you are invited to select your coaching preference
 (private) or Group (10 people).

~ We meet live on Zoom for 120 minutes each week over an 8 week period. ~

Enroll in 6-Week Book Exploration

Starting February 21, 2021, every Sunday evening

from 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. MST via zoom


$1600 CAD

Private, individualized coaching

  • Meet live on Zoom for 120 minutes over an 8 week perio
  • Private coaching
  • Personalized Support
  • Personalized bookings of appointment dates and times


Register for One-to-One

Group of 10

$655 CAD

10 people

  • Meet live on Zoom for 120 minutes over an 8 week period
  • Group Coaching: you are guided to be inner-focused while in community
  • Private & Confidential Facebook Group

February 6 - April 3, 2022

Sunday evenings 6 - 8pm MDT (except AB Family Day - Feb 20th) 
~ OR join waitlist for future dates ~

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Meet Coach Kelly Ann

Hi, I am Kelly Ann Vass. I work for the akashic records in the capacity of life coaching, spiritual healing, training, and development. I experience myself as a student and teacher of love and grace. I also support awakened spiritual entrepreneurs through a co-creation with Natasha Mott and Lord of the Akashic Records called The Octopus Method: Consciously Creating Balance, Growth & Sustainability in Your Business and Life.

I am certified by Levin Life Coaching Academy as a Life Coach specializing in BoundaryReinvention, and Worthy Coaching. My purpose is to support people in connecting to their own souls for their soul evolution and ascension. I support spiritual health and where it connects with physical, mental, emotional, and energetic health. I also support people in revealing their way to move forward.

I know through experience that when we calm the mind, connect to the heart, and let the soul lead, we can create our desires in the now.

Love and Grace,

Kelly Ann Vass